How To Build Muscle Fast

How to Build Muscle Fast – Be the “Stud on the Beach” in 12 Weeks or Less

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We all want to feel good, feel confident and look good. And we DEFINITELY want to attract the right… erm… female attention ;). I mean, let’s face it, nothing beats a hot girl saying “hey, you look strong – can you help me?”, and nothing screams sex appeal more than a ripped body.

Like a lot of guys, many struggle to build muscle at all, let alone fast. A lot of us quit, blaming our body type. This is totally untrue – body type has nothing to do with not building muscle (although it does affect HOW to build muscle). Anyone can build muscle fast, without gaining fat, without dangerous drugs, and without spending hours at the gym every day. The trick is to know the 3 basic steps to building muscle fast, and how to do them properly for your body type.

1. Diet

Diet is the single-most important factor of your overall bodybuilding program. You can pump as much weight as you want, but you’ll never achieve the body you’re after if your diet is off. Your nutrition plan should be somatotype (body type)-specific, timed properly to maximise your body’s anabolic windows, and should include foods proven to help build muscle.

ALL body types should be getting enough carbs and fats. Low carb, high protein diets are not going to allow you to build muscle if the calories provided by the protein are being “burned” before the workout, instead of being used during the muscle recovery process (after the workout). This can be avoided by eating well (with carbs) 1 hour before the workout, and is well supported by having a whey protein shake after the workout (even better if you add some coconut oil). Your diet must also be tailored to your somatotype, and must be rich in “good fats” that will naturally raise your testosterone levels.

2. Workout – Short, Intense, tailored to your Somatotype

You should work large muscle groups and leave the machines until the second half of your workout, or else you will not build strength by working on the supporting muscles. Some may say to forget machines altogether and stick to weights. We say minimise machines, add free-form exercises (such as lunges, stepping etc.) and combine them into your weight training sets.

Why on earth would you do that?

Read on.

“Super-set” combinations of lower body exercises and upper body exercises are extremely beneficial, particularly to us guys; leg exercises work some of the largest muscles in your body, which will get your heart pumping, and ours bodies will begin to release a natural growth hormone. When you got growth hormone pumping through your veins and you start doing upper body workouts during that time… oh we’ll just let you see for yourself! Try it: don’t separate lower body and upper body workouts into separate days. Work a smaller number of muscle groups from both your lower and upper body each training day and discover a “bodybuilding secret” for yourself!

Don’t work out for too long. No one should be training for more than 1 hour a day. If you are able to carry on longer than an hour it is best to add weight (or resistance) rather than lengthen time, as an effective muscle building workout is short and intense. Also, skinny body types (Ectomorphs) need more rest between workouts than chubby body types (Endomorphs) in order to build muscle effectively.

An obvious and essential element to muscle building is of course your bodybuilding program. To gain muscle fast you will need to personalise your workout and nutrition program and tailor them to your specific body type’s requirements. This is the secret that all top award winning professionals share. Today it’s not hard to do this with the online bodybuilding programs available which combine the benefits of a personal trainer and nutrition expert with the cost-effectiveness of a training program.

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Unfortunately, if you are doing the wrong excercises or doing them with poor technique, then your results will be fairly unpredictable and could even cause serious injury. You need to know what you’re doing, how to do it to gain muscle fast. Kyle Leon is a certified nutritional wellness specialist and fitness model. He became a supplement sponsored athlete because he succeeded in putting on 21lbs of lean muscle in just 8 weeks. He is the creator of Somatotype Specific Nutrition. With his program he is able to give you what highly paid personal nutrition coaches give to their pro-athletes.

We strongly recommend you check out the video on this page, which explains why “eating healthy”, trying to “bulk and cut” or trying generic meal plans from bodybuilding magazines are bodybuilding mistakes, and are what are probably stopping you from getting ripped.

3. Supplementation

Bodybuilding supplements are designed to supplement your diet with the missing nutrients your body needs while you’re bodybuilding. High protein diets are necessary to build muscle fast, but they do not have everything your body needs to function. Supplements also provide the additional fuel your body needs when training hard at the gym to help you push past plateaus more easily. This is where supplementation comes in. Supplements are by no means a replacement or a miracle tool to muscle building.

There are benefits but also side effects to glutamine, creatine, protein and caffeine intake, and the effects of such should be carefully monitored and recorded. Some of these products sound like miracle products – they are not! No product exists on the market that can make you have muscles if you are not willing to DO THE WORK. Simple as that.

There’s an infinite number and combination of bodybuilding supplements available, and most of them are over-hyped or used incorrectly. To get the best results you need to know which supplements to take and when to take them.

Write It Down!

You can easily create a chart where you are annotating your weekly routine and exercises by body parts. Plan two to three sets for each exercise. You can use one as warm up and one “flat out”. Don’t do more than 3 different exercises per body part and 8-12 reps per set. Leave space on the side of your log to annotate the results and track which exercises are working and which are not, how much weight you’ve used and any notes to yourself for the next time you do those exercises. If you are not planning and recording, you are not really building muscle fast – you are just poking around!

Mr Olympia winner 2013



Three cheers to Phil Heath Mr. Olympia 2013, who takes home a prize of $650 000!!!

Who is Phil Heath?

Phillip Jerrod Heath, born in Seattle on the 18 of December 1979 has been a bodybuilding athlete since 2002. In 2005 he won the NPC 2005, followed by the Pro Colorado and New York Pro Championships in 2006. In 2007 he classified amongst the top 5 in the Arnold Classic. After that he classified behind Dexter Jackson in 2008 in the Arnold Classic and in the Mr. Olympia. He was a big favorite for the 2009 Mr. Olympia but got ill a few days before the competition and so only classified 5th. In 2010 he classified second as Mr.Olympia, behind Jay Cutler and in 2011 and 2012 he won Mr.Olympia. He is now third time winner of Mr Olympia and seems ready to become the new Ronnie Coleman!

Jay Cutler announced a big comeback but disappointingly classified 6th, behind Dexter Jackson. Second, third and fourth places were won by Kai Greene, Dennis Wolf and Shawn Roden, respectively.

The Las Vegas Mr. Olympia 2013 Event

The whole Las Vegas event this year was highly entertaining with things going on from the 26th, right up to the main contest on the 28th. On the 26th there was the press conference with the Olympians and the “Meet the Olympians” event. On the 27th there were the minor contests such as the Pro Powerlifting Championships, the Grappling Championships, Wrestling and IFBB Pro League Women’s Judging.
On Saturday 28th of September the Olympia Expo Las Vegas Convention Center was rippling with excitement. The Olympia Expo was on in the North Hall from 10.00am – 5.00pm. There were the Arm Wars Super series which included the Vengeance, Olympia Pro Powerlifting

Championships and the Rhino Crossfit Championships presented by MusclePharm. The Figure, 212 Showdown and Mr. Olympia Finals were held at the Orleans Arena at 7.00pm. The announcement of the winner was totally exhilarating even though it was not a surprise seeing the perfect posing Phil performed on the first day. This was followed by the official victory Gala at 11.00pm and the very boisterous after party at midnight.

Background on the Mr. Olympia contest

Many people do not know that Mr. Olympia is an “invitation only” contest in which the people who can take part are selected amongst the world’s top athletes. That is one of the reasons why the Mr. Olympia contest is so highly regarded and prestigious.
The Contest is becoming ever more important as the years go by and the prize money increases exponentially. This year the prize money more than doubled; last year it was “only” $250 000. The Prize money for the first Mr Olympia contest in 1965 was $1000 and was won by Larry Scott.
Larry Scott also won in 1966 until Sergio Olivia claimed the title from 1967 – 1970. The competition became highly popular with Arnold Schwarzenegger reigning for 6 years. Lee Haney and Ronnie Coleman share the title of longest careers, having both won the title 8 times consecutively.

The Mr. Olympia contest was held in New York for the first six years, and then it was held around the world until 1999 when a special convention center was built in Las Vegas.

The rise of a new sport

Certainly the contest has come a long way since it was started and bodybuilding has developed into a complete athletic discipline in just over 50 years. It has already undergone a revolution and has passed from an unhealthy, steroid based sport to “natural bodybuilding”, where the athletes get their incredible results only through hard work, diet and supplements.
Bodybuilding truly is one of the most challenging sports psychologically and physically. It takes a certain type of man to be able to withstand it. Mr. Olympia is a true symbol of what one can achieve with a steel will and a “warrior’s heart”!


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Top Exercises for Traps and Lats

“A strong back and strong legs are what really gets bodybuilders to win the competitions”

At least this is what Jay Cutler says, and we have no reason to doubt a Mr Olympia champion! He suggests, however, to always be careful with your back and wear a belt for anything heavy, for anything that twists your waist or for anything where your back is bent over and vulnerable. A belt is not necessary on pull down movements or where you are not putting pressure on it.

Rowing exercises are best for thickness whereas pull-ups and pull-downs are more for width. Generally you can go with Continue reading

How to get a bigger chest

It is every man’s dream to have a fit and toned body and a well built physique. Within the category of a well built physique also comes a big chest. A chest adds to a man’s pride and helps him gain a lot of confidence. It is also believed and seen that females prefer men who have bigger chests than those who don’t.  But without some pain, there is no gain, and one has to perform many exercises so as to gain a desired chest size. There are two types of exercises which can help a man get a bigger chest, and these include-bench press exercises and weighted dips or bench dips. On the other hand, there are certain exercises which a person must avoid if he is trying to get a big chest and these include pec flyes, cable flyes, dumbbell flyes and bodyweight flyes. Continue reading

Best Exercises for Arms

We have asked around amongst bodybuilders and have put together the bicep and tricep exercises which most have found to be the most effective. In this post we try to give general information about form, but on the whole just try to be conscious of if you are straining wrists or elbows. So, with disclaimers aside, onto the best exercises for arms…

Rope push down warm-up

This is especially good for warming up the elbows. Stand in front of the pulley and grasp the rope attachment with your hands side by side and your palms facing down. Position your elbows to Continue reading

Most Dangerous Gym Machines

There are many different types of machines in the gym and the list of most dangerous ones is given in this post. We identify the machines, explain why they’re dangerous, and offer alternatives or tips on how to use them more safely.One of the most dangerous gym machines is Behind the Neck Shoulder Press Machine as it puts too much stress on the shoulders and its use also involves risk of impingement. Too much torque is put on the spine if the Rotary Torso Machine is not used efficiently and this can prove to be dangerous.

Another name in the list is one Seated Back Extension Machine that leads to Continue reading

5 Top Chest Exercises and How to Do Them Properly

Perfect form on inclined hammer, flyes, flat hammer presses, cable crossovers and dumbbell pullovers; the most useful exercises for ripped pecs!

Inclined Hammer

Jay Cutler, Mr. Olympia 2009, suggests using the inclined hammer, otherwise known as inclined chest press, for warm-ups. This machine is very good to get blood flowing to the pectoral muscles and it loosens the shoulder joints. Use medium weights and medium speed.

Adjust the seat so that when your hands are on the handles they are about nipple height. Also keep Continue reading

The Big Influence of Posture on Muscle Building Programs

Before we can really start to define posture we need to define some basic concepts such as balance, spatiality and anti-gravitational forces in the body.

  • Balance is the term used to define the ability to hold one’s position in space in a controlled way. Balance can be either static or dynamic.
  • Spatiality is the relationship between the body and the three-dimensional axes that are found on the body or on a place where the body is resting.
  • Anti-gravitational forces are those forces that allow us to move and thus “overpower” the force of gravity. Continue reading

Training the different kinds of Muscle Fibers

We know that exercises can train whole muscle groups involving more than two joints or isolated muscles, involving one joint. The workout can be structured around reps, circuit or interval training according to the results one needs to acquire. However, all training sessions should be geared to train 3main aspects, namely: Resistance, Hypertrophy (tissue cell enlargement) and Explosive Force.

These are the main aspects that must be taken into account:


Exercises with medium/low reps and weights that correspond to a low percentage of force with respect to your maximum active force limit. The reps should be slow to stimulate the Slow Twitch muscle fiber.


Works on medium to high weights with fast and explosive repetitions. This also trains the speed Continue reading

Smart Bodybuilding Workouts

First and foremost, body building workouts must be personalized and annotated on a chart where you will be keeping record of the progress made in muscle mass augmentation and resistance. As long as you are making progress you can keep on with the routine. If you notice there are some areas where you are not improving you can consider adjusting exercise, weight, number of reps etc.

Make sure you first train on compound exercises (involving at least 2 joints) before you move onto isolation exercises involving one joint and few muscles.

Also be careful about technique. I have taken a little more time to give you technique tips over ceratin exercises where mistakes are most common below:

Continue reading