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Guys, you are going to love me for this I guarantee you! It’s just one of those SMART bits of information that can make a HUGE difference to your training – even your life. I know you are eager to know more so I’m going to get stuck right in and give you this real PRO secret.

Bust it with Tabata Protocol!

It’s a tested and tried protocol with which you can turn your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE in just 4 minutes of training a day. Sound to good to be true? Well, here are the results of the Tabata Protocol vs a normal 60 minute aerobic workout after 6 weeks of muscle and fitness testing.

Tabata Group – aerobic marker higher, anaerobic marker higher

Control Group – aerobic marker higher (but less than Tabata group), anaerobic marker unchanged

Have I piqued your curiosity?

The Tabata Protocol is named after the world famous Japanese researcher for the National Institute of fitness and sports, Izumi Tabata and was originally applied to the Japanese National Speed Skating Team.

Basically what you have to do is time yourself and alternate 20 seconds of intense workout (anaerobic threshold), to 10 seconds of rest and repeat this 8 times.

This improves your metabolic conditioning in a very specific way and you will be burning calories for hours after the workout is completed. Best of all it does not compromise tissue muscle.

You can choose any exercise for your 4 minutes cardio, ranging from running flat out, to body-weight exercises, to resistance exercises to cardio equipment.

If you are not yet fit enough to get through the whole 4 minutes, work your way up slowly, starting off with 10 secs intense and 20 rest  x 8

You can leave your 4 minutes cardio to the end of your training session and do an exercise that will work muscles that have not been completey exhausted yet.

The Tabata Protocol can be applied to all somatotypes, although endomorphs should only attempt this if they are not clinically overweight.  This lead us directly on to big secret number 2:

Somatotype specific fitness training

We strongly believe in PERSONALIZED fitness routines and that is really the BIGGEST fitness secret we can offer you. In our Bodybuilding Programs article we already speak about adapting nutrition to somatotypes. Here are some suggestions on how to apply somatotype specific training to your routines:

Endomorphs are the big guys. They can put on muscle easily but have more trouble losing weight. Endomorphs should be doing cardio and reducing fat intake until they are lean enough to get comfortably through their aerobic activity. At that stage they can start building muscle.

Mesomorphs (medium build) lose fat easily and gain muscle without too much difficulty, they are naturally “built for bodybuilding”, but must be careful not to be undisciplined just because it comes easier to them. Ideal weight training for Mesomorphs is 2-3 days a week with light cardio on off days.

Ectomorphs are the skinny guys. They have a strong metabolisim that burns calories easily and provides tons of energy. They are best suited for endurance sports but can find it really hard to build muscle unless they get the right program going. Kyle Leon, creator of the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer was a typical ectomorph with “spaghetti arms” and had uselessly tried all sorts of supplements until he got access to the right information and built his award winning body. Ectomorphs should increase calorie and unsaturated fat intake to build muscle (yes I said increase [unsaturated] FAT intake to build MUSCLE), and rest for at least 2-3 days between regular workouts.

So give it a try. Start thinking PERSONALIZED and burn that fat in just 4 minutes training a day!

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