Do Bodybuilding Supplements work?

Like all things in life there really isn’t a simple answer to this question, also because the definition of “working” may differ. To me something that builds your muscle but harms your health is not “working” at all. Also the supplement industry is a multi-million dollar industry which has heavily invested in marketing campaigns and which often sells refined and essentially “dead” nutrients at exorbitant prices which you actually find cheaper and at better quality simply through a balanced diet.

Furthermore, because a lot of supplements are expensive (and not because they are expensive to produce), they have led to “chemical bootlegging” which can be very dangerous, as you end up buying unlicensed products from individuals which are often foreign and which you essentially know nothing about, nor do uyou have any legal recourse in case of dangerous side-effects.

This said, let’s talk about the most popular supplements, their use and possible side-effects if bought from licensed dealers and taken in the correct quantities.

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