Best Exercises for Arms

We have asked around amongst bodybuilders and have put together the bicep and tricep exercises which most have found to be the most effective. In this post we try to give general information about form, but on the whole just try to be conscious of if you are straining wrists or elbows. So, with disclaimers aside, onto the best exercises for arms…

Rope push down warm-up

This is especially good for warming up the elbows. Stand in front of the pulley and grasp the rope attachment with your hands side by side and your palms facing down. Position your elbows to Continue reading

Most Dangerous Gym Machines

There are many different types of machines in the gym and the list of most dangerous ones is given in this post. We identify the machines, explain why they’re dangerous, and offer alternatives or tips on how to use them more safely.One of the most dangerous gym machines is Behind the Neck Shoulder Press Machine as it puts too much stress on the shoulders and its use also involves risk of impingement. Too much torque is put on the spine if the Rotary Torso Machine is not used efficiently and this can prove to be dangerous.

Another name in the list is one Seated Back Extension Machine that leads to Continue reading

The Big Influence of Posture on Muscle Building Programs

Before we can really start to define posture we need to define some basic concepts such as balance, spatiality and anti-gravitational forces in the body.

  • Balance is the term used to define the ability to hold one’s position in space in a controlled way. Balance can be either static or dynamic.
  • Spatiality is the relationship between the body and the three-dimensional axes that are found on the body or on a place where the body is resting.
  • Anti-gravitational forces are those forces that allow us to move and thus “overpower” the force of gravity. Continue reading

Training the different kinds of Muscle Fibers

We know that exercises can train whole muscle groups involving more than two joints or isolated muscles, involving one joint. The workout can be structured around reps, circuit or interval training according to the results one needs to acquire. However, all training sessions should be geared to train 3main aspects, namely: Resistance, Hypertrophy (tissue cell enlargement) and Explosive Force.

These are the main aspects that must be taken into account:


Exercises with medium/low reps and weights that correspond to a low percentage of force with respect to your maximum active force limit. The reps should be slow to stimulate the Slow Twitch muscle fiber.


Works on medium to high weights with fast and explosive repetitions. This also trains the speed Continue reading

Smart Bodybuilding Workouts

First and foremost, body building workouts must be personalized and annotated on a chart where you will be keeping record of the progress made in muscle mass augmentation and resistance. As long as you are making progress you can keep on with the routine. If you notice there are some areas where you are not improving you can consider adjusting exercise, weight, number of reps etc.

Make sure you first train on compound exercises (involving at least 2 joints) before you move onto isolation exercises involving one joint and few muscles.

Also be careful about technique. I have taken a little more time to give you technique tips over ceratin exercises where mistakes are most common below:

Continue reading

Custom-build your own body building program

If you were thinking of hopping onto this page and finding a ready to use, “out the box” bodybuilding program  then you will be disappointed. It would not be ethical for us to publish something which is not guaranteed to give results. The truth is that men differ by somatotypes, by metabolism, by age and by genetic diversity. Anyone who is not teaching you how to personalize your Body Building Program is not a serious professional by our definition.

What we can do however is help you define what you need to do to create your own personalized bodybuilding program.

Tailor your nutrition program to your Somatotype

Kyle Leon is a world leading Body Building expert who has achieved amazing results through Continue reading