How To Build Muscle Fast

Bodybuilding Mistakes to avoid like the plague

You see them a mile off – the cocky newbies that  “don’t believe”  in barbells and head straight for the machines, or the sweaty individual in the corner that you suspect is unemployed or homeless (or both!) because he is ALWAYS training. You know that they are heading straight for disaster; part of you would like to find some pretext for speaking to them and discreetly drive some sense into their heads, but experience tells you that you wouldn’t be able to change their minds even if you had Ali Najafian in person giving them advice.

At some stage they simply stop coming. They have hurt themselves or given up because they weren’t getting results.

Don’t go that route and read on…

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Custom-build your own body building program

If you were thinking of hopping onto this page and finding a ready to use, “out the box” bodybuilding program  then you will be disappointed. It would not be ethical for us to publish something which is not guaranteed to give results. The truth is that men differ by somatotypes, by metabolism, by age and by genetic diversity. Anyone who is not teaching you how to personalize your Body Building Program is not a serious professional by our definition.

What we can do however is help you define what you need to do to create your own personalized bodybuilding program.

Tailor your nutrition program to your Somatotype

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How To Build Muscle

A lot of people still believe that determination and hard work will get them the desired results. That is true to a certain extent but it won’t really work unless you are doing it right. It’s time to start thinking SMART and start achieving better results with less effort . This is how to go about it:

How to gain muscle mass quickly by training larger muscle groups

One of the most important mindsets to acquire is that of starting to think in terms of compound lifts, i.e. more squats, bench-presses, pull-ups and deadlifts. Isolation lifts tend to use one muscle group only and the extra time and effort you put into that isn’t worth the extra muscle mass you get out of it.

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