Custom-build your own body building program

If you were thinking of hopping onto this page and finding a ready to use, “out the box” bodybuilding program  then you will be disappointed. It would not be ethical for us to publish something which is not guaranteed to give results. The truth is that men differ by somatotypes, by metabolism, by age and by genetic diversity. Anyone who is not teaching you how to personalize your Body Building Program is not a serious professional by our definition.

What we can do however is help you define what you need to do to create your own personalized bodybuilding program.

Tailor your nutrition program to your Somatotype

Kyle Leon is a world leading Body Building expert who has achieved amazing results through his Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer, applying somatotype specific nutrition to Body Building Programs. There are 3 somatotypes (or body types) Ectomorph, Endomorph and Mesomorph. Endomorphs have shorter arms and legs and build mass easily, Mesomorphs have a medium height and structure and Ectomorphs tend to be lean and find it difficult to gain weight and build muscle. By defining your body type and finding out which nutrition is best for you, you will be more than one step ahead.

Personalize you Cardio Workout

For this you will absolutely need to invest in a heart rate monitor (it’s built into a wristwatch). Under a certain heart rate your metabolism is Aerobic. Above that and it becomes Anaerobic and will lead to the release of lactic acid. There are a number of ways for testing this (Portable Lactate Analyzer, Conconi test etc). The simplest (although less accurate) way to discover your individual Anaerobic threshold is to assume that that it occurs at 85-90% of your maximimum heart rate (220) – age example 220 – 29 years = your threshold. By observing your heart rate during workout and muscle stiffness afterwards you will be able to find your precise Anaerobic Threshold and decide when to apply interval training (Aerobic + Anaerobic) , Low intensity training (train body to burn fat efficiently) or Medium Intensity (just under Anaerobic) for  15-30 mins at a time for faster metabolism. Weight training is, by definition, Anaerobic (high intensity low sets) and you should be alternating it with aerobic exercise too.

Personalize Your weight training routine

Sit down with pen and paper and decide which body parts you want to work on most. Evaluate if there are exercises that could be hindered by medically challenged areas. Are you training for strength? (heavy weight and low reps) or endurance? (lower weights more reps). Avoid doing more than 2 sets for each exercise and can use one as warm up and one “flat out”. Don’t do more than 3 different exercises per body part and 8-12 reps per set. Incorporate rest days in your workout and maximize your muscle building days by splitting the routine (for example working out back and chest one day and legs the other). Take note of all your exercises and the acquired results, as this will greatly help you understand where you are being effective and where not.

Know how to get yourself motivated

Figure out what it personally takes to make you stick to your guns. It might take some trial and error but the secret is to observe the mental processes that gets you to the gym .. or that don’t. What is it that you can do there that makes the experience enjoyable (meet a friend, have sauna etc) are you habit prone? Will setting aside specific days and hours make it easier? Do you tend to get bored easily? Will you need to plan a weekly routine where you often change what you are doing? How far into your comfort zone is it for you to be in the gym? Do you feel good or bad when you compare yourself to others? How do you cope and what strategies can you implement when you are stalling? Really, no person alive, not even your mother, can know you well enough to advise you on which strategies to create. Observe (without judging) what mental processes take place when you decide not to go for your workout and patiently find the way to implement strategies that will stop you from giving up.

Of course the time and effort it takes to research and plan and test  from scratch a completely personalized Bodybuilding program can be prohibitive.  Alternatively, you can safely invest in the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer with a full money back guarantee.

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