Most Dangerous Gym Machines

There are many different types of machines in the gym and the list of most dangerous ones is given in this post. We identify the machines, explain why they’re dangerous, and offer alternatives or tips on how to use them more safely.One of the most dangerous gym machines is Behind the Neck Shoulder Press Machine as it puts too much stress on the shoulders and its use also involves risk of impingement. Too much torque is put on the spine if the Rotary Torso Machine is not used efficiently and this can prove to be dangerous.

Another name in the list is one Seated Back Extension Machine that leads to stress on the lumbar spine. The use of the Hip Abductor puts the pressure on the thigh as well as the hip bones and can even lead to hernia and sciatica. Muscles can be strained with use of Stretching machines whereas the Butt Blaster put stress on spine and hips.

The Smith Machine is mishandled can cause major muscle injury and can even lead to the weakening of the tiny muscles. Too much pressure on the spine and the disk damage is caused with Roman Chair back extension.

Besides these other dangerous gym machines are standing calf raise, Ab twisters, Seated Ab crunch, Peck Deck Machinne, the 45 degree back extension machine and others.

Most Dangerous Gym Machines

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